Dracula by Steven Dietz was the first production by Nova’s company: Cravat Productions. Nova served as the Production Designer; designing Props, Lights, Set, and Costumes. You can learn more about Cravat Productions here. After scholarships and crowdfunding we had a budget of $3475, and in the end, we profited $1146.

“Producing and designing my own show gave me a unique perspective on how each of the design elements interact. It also gave me insight into the commitment it takes to produce shows full time; spending a whole year planning and developing ideas for a weekend of performances.”

Bleeding Bone Knife

Dracula | Cravat Productions | December 2017   Renfield cut Dr. Seward’s arm with this jaw bone knife. As he did this, blood poured out of the hole and ran down the blade, which Renfield then licked off. Materials: Cow Jaw Bone, Mod-Podge, Clear Tubing, Plastic Bag, Hot Glue

Dracula – Lighting Design

Dracula | Cravat Productions | December 2017 The lighting accentuated the fantastical elements of the play, using shadows to conceal and highlight the overarching presence of Dracula. Instrument Schedule Color Cut List Lighting Plot

Dracula – Costume Design

Dracula | Cravat Productions | December 2017 Renfield Seward Van Helsing Harker Dracula Lucy Mina Costume Breakdown

Dracula – Scenic Design

Dracula | Cravat Productions | December 2017   The set’s concept combined skeletal elements with traditional Victorian design. The Asylum is reminiscent of the interior of a violin, the upper castle level and bedroom incorporated bone imagery in the railings and framing, respectively.  

Victorian Blood Transfusion Apparatus

Dracula | Cravat Productions | December 2017 This device was used to perform two ‘live’ blood transfusions. The blood would flow from a funnel and tube on the other side of the bedroom wall, into a latex piece on the donor’s arm. The end of this tube was sealed, but when stabbed with the needle… Continue Reading →

Bleeding Rat

Dracula | Cravat Productions | December 2017 The rat was modified to hold a small compressed blood pack, which allowed the actor to bite the head of the rat, piercing the blood pack. Materials: Fake rat, film canister, hot glue  

Dracula Poster

Dracula | Cravat Productions | December 2017

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