Aluminum Cavalry Swords

Henry IV Part 1 | Montana Shakespeare in the Parks | Summer 2019

Step One: Cutting Out the Blade

Step Two: Threading the Aluminum Rod

Step Three: Brazing the Rod to the Blade


Step Four: Forming the Guard/Knuckle-bow

Step Five: Assembly

Step Six: Into Battle!

Sword in background is the original, sword worn in front is made by me.

47th Season of Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, Henry IV, Part 1
(Photo by Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez)

Bible Safe

Merry Wives of Windsor | Montana Shakespeare in the Parks | Summer 2019

Sir Hugh Evans Bible that doubles as a book safe for his pistol.

Rapier Repair and Re-Gripping

Freelance for The Mis-Adventurers | Summer 2018


The original parts of this rapier were glued together to hold them in place, but after use everything was wobbling.

Repaired Quillon Block to hold blade in place without any wobbling.

New Grip to prevent spinning with leather and wire wrap.

Back to the Mis-Adventurer to continue fighting!

Materials: 16 gauge Steel Plate; Solder; Wooden Grip; Stain; Scrap Leather; Silver Coated Wire; Epoxy

Montano’s Scabbard

Othello | Montana Shakespeare in the Parks | Summer 2018

Materials: Leather, Leather Dye, Waxed Thread, Rivets, Metal Sheets, Epoxy, Leather Adhesive, Acrylic Paint, Clear Lacquer

Hercules Club

Nine Worthies – Love’s Labour’s Lost | Montana Shakespeare in the Parks | Summer 2018

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks Love's Labour's Lost

Materials: Tee-ball Bat, Softball, Epoxy

Bleeding Bone Knife

Dracula | Cravat Productions | December 2017


Bone Knife GRip
Bleeding Bone Knife Grip

Renfield cut Dr. Seward’s arm with this jaw bone knife. As he did this, blood poured out of the hole and ran down the blade, which Renfield then licked off.

Materials: Cow Jaw Bone, Mod-Podge, Clear Tubing, Plastic Bag, Hot Glue

Winkie Soldier Staffs

The Wizard of Oz | SUNY Oswego | Fall 2016

Wicked Witch’s Winkie Soldier’s Staffs – 10 Total

Materials: Wooden Dowel, Scrap Wood, Washers, Wire, Spray Paint, Oil Paint


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