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Producing Dracula

Dracula | Cravat Productions | 2017 Documents Dracula Contract Template Dracula Budget – Expense Breakdown Dracula Program The Palladium Times -Dracula Article Costumes Costume Measurement Form Costume Breakdown Lighting Instrument Schedule      

Production Stage Management – Sterling Renaissance Festival

Sterling Renaissance Festival | 2016, 2017, 2020 Documents Wyldewood Players Check-In/Out Stage Schedule Signs COVID-19 Protocols for WWP Assurance – 5.26.20 Prop Related Actor Prop Sign Out Scenario Prop Request Form Prop Catalog – Sterling Ren Fest – Outdated Version from 2017 Maps Fillable Sterling Campground Map – Unlabeled

Prop Paperwork

This is the formatting I generally use for my prop documentation. I keep them as live/working google documents and save as dated PDFs throughout the process. (These are from a postponed production, hence all the missing information) Design She Kills Monsters – Prop Design Prop List She Kills Monsters – Props List Prop List with… Continue Reading →

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