Dutch Masters Set Dressing (& Destruction)

Dutch Masters | Jackalope Theatre Company | March 2019

Before Fight

During/After Fight

Fight Choreography by Rachel Flesher

Dutch Masters Blunt

Dutch Masters | Jackalope Theatre Company | March 2019

“Smokable” Blunt Rig

Gaff Tape Sleeve allows vape pen to be removed for charging and refilling.

Real Dutch Master Cigar split and rolled into blunt on stage and switched out with slight-of-hand.

Materials: Smok Vape Pen and E-fluid; Paper, Gaff Tape; Oregano

Grandfather Clock with Sugar Glass Pane

Dutch Masters | Jackalope Theatre Company | March 2019

Clock Glass Breaking

Grandfather Clock Construction

(Made mostly from scrap wood)

Glass Pane

To see more about the set dressing, props, and fight scene click here.

Queen’s Birthday Cake

Opening Ceremony | Sterling Renaissance Festival | Summer 2016

Her Majesty’s birthday cake accidentally being pushed into the baker’s face.

Materials: Round box, sand for weight, joint compound, sealant, fake flowers, whipped cream, food coloring.

Bleeding Rat

Dracula | Cravat Productions | December 2017

The rat was modified to hold a small compressed blood pack, which allowed the actor to bite the head of the rat, piercing the blood pack.

Materials: Fake rat, film canister, hot glue


Victorian Blood Transfusion Apparatus

Dracula | Cravat Productions | December 2017

This device was used to perform two ‘live’ blood transfusions. The blood would flow from a funnel and tube on the other side of the bedroom wall, into a latex piece on the donor’s arm. The end of this tube was sealed, but when stabbed with the needle ‘blood’ would flow through the device and to the receiver’s needle (which was closed to stop the flow).

Materials: Amber Bottle, Latex Tubing, Plumbing Fittings, Two-way Valve, Oven-bake Clay, Acrylic Paint, Flavor Injector Needles, Clear Tubing, Hot Glue

The ‘cut’ tube was fitted over itself, making it a single length of tube for the first transfusion. In Act II, this modification allowed Dracula to cut the tube and drink from the device.

Bleeding Bone Knife

Dracula | Cravat Productions | December 2017


Bone Knife GRip
Bleeding Bone Knife Grip

Renfield cut Dr. Seward’s arm with this jaw bone knife. As he did this, blood poured out of the hole and ran down the blade, which Renfield then licked off.

Materials: Cow Jaw Bone, Mod-Podge, Clear Tubing, Plastic Bag, Hot Glue

Drinks & Table

Pride & Prejudice | SUNY Oswego | Spring 2017

Drink Table
Magnetic Drink Tables for Assembly Balls

Materials: Magnets, Found Tables, Steel Sheets, Spray Paint

Two drink tables with plastic glassware filled with fake champagne were carried out by actors during a 10 second scene change. In order to decrease the likely hood of spilling and/or breaking glass, I found convincing plasticware, glued industrial magnets to the bases, and screwed steel sheets to the tops of the tables.

The champagne was a mixture of white grape juice and seltzer (to make any stains easier to remove).

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