List of Items

Bagatelle’s Armchair

Bagatelle Set Dressing

Belt Mug Loops

The Bennet’s Loveseat

Blood Transfusion Kit

Bleeding Bone Knife

Bleeding Rat

The Broom of the Wicked Witch of the West

The Buck Stops Here! – Desk Sign

Contract Cover

Dead Man’s Cell Phone – Scenic Design

Death Versus Edgar Allan Poe


Dracula Poster

Dracula – Costume Design

Dracula – Lighting Design

Dracula – Scenic Design

Drinks & Table

Dr. Fish Spa – Faux Neon Sign

Dutch Masters Blunt

Dutch Masters Set Dressing (& Destruction)

The Evening News

Faux New York Times Cover

Finishing School Chairs

Flintlock Pistol Holsters

Footlight Shells

Garden Shrubbery

Grandfather Clock with Sugar Glass Pane

Greek Letter Sweater

Hercules Club

Immortal Beloved

Iron Lawn Throne


Lion’s Courage Medal

Love’s Labour’s Lost Letters

Montano’s Scabbard

Navarre Banner

Nine Worthies Armor

Othello Calvary Sabre Ornamentation

Othello Letters

Oz Tree Stump

Pride & Prejudice Mantle Place

Professor Marvel’s Fire

The Pumpkin King – 1585

Queen’s Birthday Cake

The Remaining Digit of Thorndike Draper

The Roasted Piglet

Rokerthon Light Hang

Seal of the President of the United States

Screen Wall

Selected Signage

Skull Painting

Space Pirate Dagger

Sparking Electric Shock Device

Stephen Hawking Bust

Tiny Ship

Tuol Sleng (S-21) Prisoner Files

Victorian Blood Transfusion Apparatus

Victorian Oil Lamp

Warwick Inn Bakery

Winkie Soldier Staffs

Xeniathan! Monster

24 Hour Play Festival – Lighting Design

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