Death Versus Edgar Allan Poe

Out of This World Project | Advanced Theatrical Stage Props – SUNY Oswego | Fall 2016

Death's Chess Board
Death’s Chess Board

Concept: Death plays a game of chess with each person before they die, or live, if they win the game. He keeps a tally of everyone he beaten. Each person he plays brings a chess set of their own based on their life, thus far. Here death is playing a game against Edgar Allan Poe.


Chess Board: 3/4″ Plywood, Stain, Acrylic Paint, Paper, Ink, Battery-operated micro-LED lights, Resin, Red dye, Leather

Death’s Chess Set: Oven-bake Clay, 3D Printed Raven Skull, Acrylic Paint, Bobcat Phalanges, Bat Skulls, Rear Cat Paws, Horse Teeth

Poe’s Chess Set: Doll-house chairs, Miniature Bricks, Oven-bake Clay, Air-dry Clay, Acrylic Paint, Resin, Glass Bottle, Red Water, Sea Shell Fragment, Miscellaneous Small Bones

Chess Board Construction

Death’s Chess Set Construction

Poe’s Chess Set Construction

Finished Set

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