Footlight Shells

BagatelleThe Finishing School | Roosevelt University | Music Conservatory | March 2019

Seven Low Budget Footlight Shells

Materials: Paper, Wood Glue, Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint

Victorian Oil Lamp

Bagatelle | Roosevelt University | Music Conservatory | March 2019



Light Fixture made by Master Electrician Neal Javenkoski

Lamp Fixture


Othello | Montana Shakespeare in the Parks | Summer 2018

Removable Lanterns

Materials: 1/2″ Plywood, Aluminum Flat Bar, Screws, Wood Glue, Camp Lanterns, Magnetic Tap, Theatrical Lighting Gel (Diffusion and Amber), Acrylic Paint, Lacquer

Permanent Lanterns


Rokerthon Light Hang

Rokerthon | SUNY Oswego/Al Roker | March 2017

Lighting Electrician

We had to load-in the lights and truss and strike each unit from the ice in two minutes after Al Roker’s entrance.

Lighting Designer – Gregory Brewster


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