Buck Basket

Merry Wives of Windsor | Montana Shakespeare in the Parks | Summer 2019

The Giant Buck (Laundry) Basket for Falstaff to Sneak Away In

Plan A (which did not work)

My plan was to use aluminum flat-bar to help keep the basket lightweight since the jute rug itself was quite heavy. Unfortunately it did not hold the weight of the jute as well as I wanted and was quickly mangled by the actors (through no fault of their own).

Plan B

I enlisted the help of Scenic Designer Mike Salazar to help weld a steel frame for the basket. The new frame, while being heavier, can easily hold the weight jute, as well as that of a person on the edge.

Buck Away!

Finishing School Chairs

The Finishing School | Roosevelt University | Music Conservatory | March 2019







Dutch Masters Set Dressing (& Destruction)

Dutch Masters | Jackalope Theatre Company | March 2019

Before Fight

During/After Fight

Fight Choreography by Rachel Flesher

Grandfather Clock with Sugar Glass Pane

Dutch Masters | Jackalope Theatre Company | March 2019

Clock Glass Breaking

Grandfather Clock Construction

(Made mostly from scrap wood)

Glass Pane

To see more about the set dressing, props, and fight scene click here.

Drinks & Table

Pride & Prejudice | SUNY Oswego | Spring 2017

Drink Table
Magnetic Drink Tables for Assembly Balls

Materials: Magnets, Found Tables, Steel Sheets, Spray Paint

Two drink tables with plastic glassware filled with fake champagne were carried out by actors during a 10 second scene change. In order to decrease the likely hood of spilling and/or breaking glass, I found convincing plasticware, glued industrial magnets to the bases, and screwed steel sheets to the tops of the tables.

The champagne was a mixture of white grape juice and seltzer (to make any stains easier to remove).

Warwick Inn Bakery

Warwick Inn & Bakery | Sterling Renaissance Festival | Summer 2017


The Bakery of one Dennis Plimswood, the Baker of Warwickshire.

Task: Create a “functioning” English Renaissance bakery for interactive theatre at the Sterling Renaissance Festival.


My first year as Props Master for the Sterling Renaissance Festival the building was not finished and I had virtually no money to work with; my second year I had a limited budget and the research ready to create this environment.

Year 1 Vs. Year 2


Building itself designed by Gary Izzo and constructed by John Bridson.

Garden Shrubbery

Pride & Prejudice | SUNY Oswego | Spring 2016

Garden Bench Shrubbery at Pemberly

Materials: Bench, Swivel Casters, Scrap 1x, Plastic Pots, Assorted Floral Pieces, Rigid Foam, Gaffers Tape

Professor Marvel’s Fire

The Wizard of Oz | SUNY Oswego | Fall 2016

Professor Marvel’s Fire and Camp

Materials: Fire Pit, Grate, Scrap Wood, Sticks, Tissue Paper, Acrylic Paint

Steamer trunk with Hand Painted Sign also designed by Nova.

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