Heretic’s Chair

The Addams Family | Davidson College | April 2022

More info coming soon!

Co-Designer: Isabelle Saba

Cadillac Cars

Jersey Boys | STAGES St. Louis | September 2021

Construction of Two Industrial Minimalist Cars (*Cars Designed by James F. Wolk)

Planning it Out

Converting the Design Rendering into Technical Plans using AutoCAD

Welding Time!

Steel Tubing was Cut with a Hydraulic Metal Bandsaw

MIG Welded

Adding the Details

Car Frame Painted by Erin Knadler

Upholstery by Myself and Jessica Schloskey

Headlights by Myself, Abbigail Radius (Prop Artisan), and Tony Anselmo (Lighting Supervisor)

Break a Leg!

Buck Basket

Merry Wives of Windsor | Montana Shakespeare in the Parks | Summer 2019

The Giant Buck (Laundry) Basket for Falstaff to Sneak Away In

Plan A (which did not work)

My plan was to use aluminum flat-bar to help keep the basket lightweight since the jute rug itself was quite heavy. Unfortunately it did not hold the weight of the jute as well as I wanted and was quickly mangled by the actors (through no fault of their own).

Plan B

I enlisted the help of Scenic Designer Mike Salazar to help weld a steel frame for the basket. The new frame, while being heavier, can easily hold the weight jute, as well as that of a person on the edge.

Buck Away!

Bagatelle Set Dressing

Bagatelle | Roosevelt University | Music Conservatory | March 2019


Scenic Design by Jeni O’Malley

Finishing School Chairs

The Finishing School | Roosevelt University | Music Conservatory | March 2019







Bagatelle’s Armchair

Bagatelle | Roosevelt University | Music Conservatory | March 2019


Dutch Masters Set Dressing (& Destruction)

Dutch Masters | Jackalope Theatre Company | March 2019

Before Fight

During/After Fight

Fight Choreography by Rachel Flesher

Grandfather Clock with Sugar Glass Pane

Dutch Masters | Jackalope Theatre Company | March 2019

Clock Glass Breaking

Grandfather Clock Construction

(Made mostly from scrap wood)

Glass Pane

To see more about the set dressing, props, and fight scene click here.

Drinks & Table

Pride & Prejudice | SUNY Oswego | Spring 2017

Drink Table

Magnetic Drink Tables for Assembly Balls

Materials: Magnets, Found Tables, Steel Sheets, Spray Paint

Two drink tables with plastic glassware filled with fake champagne were carried out by actors during a 10 second scene change. In order to decrease the likely hood of spilling and/or breaking glass, I found convincing plasticware, glued industrial magnets to the bases, and screwed steel sheets to the tops of the tables.

The champagne was a mixture of white grape juice and seltzer (to make any stains easier to remove).

Warwick Inn Bakery

Warwick Inn & Bakery | Sterling Renaissance Festival | Summer 2017


The Bakery of one Dennis Plimswood, the Baker of Warwickshire.

Task: Create a “functioning” English Renaissance bakery for interactive theatre at the Sterling Renaissance Festival.


My first year as Props Master for the Sterling Renaissance Festival the building was not finished and I had virtually no money to work with; my second year I had a limited budget and the research ready to create this environment.

Year 1 Vs. Year 2


Building itself designed by Gary Izzo and constructed by John Bridson.

Garden Shrubbery

Pride & Prejudice | SUNY Oswego | Spring 2016


Garden Bench Shrubbery at Pemberly

Materials: Bench, Swivel Casters, Scrap 1x, Plastic Pots, Assorted Floral Pieces, Rigid Foam, Gaffers Tape

Professor Marvel’s Fire

The Wizard of Oz | SUNY Oswego | Fall 2016


Professor Marvel’s Fire and Camp

Materials: Fire Pit, Grate, Scrap Wood, Sticks, Tissue Paper, Acrylic Paint

Steamer trunk with Hand Painted Sign also designed by Nova.

Iron Lawn Throne

For Fun | Spring 2017


Iron Throne – Gifted to Game of Thrones Fan

Materials: Lawn Chair, EVA Foam, Yard Sticks, Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint, Waterproofing Spray

Original Game of Thrones Iron Throne Comparison

The Bennet’s Loveseat

Pride & Prejudice | SUNY Oswego | Spring 2017


Re-upholstered Loveseat for the Bennet Family.


Other Pride & Prejudice Furniture Upholstery: