Queen’s Birthday Cake

Opening Ceremony | Sterling Renaissance Festival | Summer 2016

Her Majesty’s birthday cake accidentally being pushed into the baker’s face.

Materials: Round box, sand for weight, joint compound, sealant, fake flowers, whipped cream, food coloring.

Warwick Inn Bakery

Warwick Inn & Bakery | Sterling Renaissance Festival | Summer 2017


The Bakery of one Dennis Plimswood, the Baker of Warwickshire.

Task: Create a “functioning” English Renaissance bakery for interactive theatre at the Sterling Renaissance Festival.


My first year as Props Master for the Sterling Renaissance Festival the building was not finished and I had virtually no money to work with; my second year I had a budget and the research ready to create this environment.

Year 1 Vs. Year 2


Building itself designed by Gary Izzo and constructed by John Bridson.

The Roasted Piglet

Fake Food Project | Advanced Theatrical Stage Props – SUNY Oswego | Fall 2016


Materials: Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Paper Mache, Acrylic Paint, EVA Foam, Floral Foam

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