House of Dr. Caius

Merry Wives of Windsor | Montana Shakespeare in the Parks | Summer 2019

Closet Trunk

A custom made trunk that served as a closet and hiding place for Sir Hugh.

Desk Trunk

A vintage steamer trunk reconfigured to serve as a desk and vanity for Dr. Caius.

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks 47th Season, Merry Wives of Windsor
(Photo by Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez)


Scenic Design by Mike Salazar

Grandfather Clock with Sugar Glass Pane

Dutch Masters | Jackalope Theatre Company | March 2019

Clock Glass Breaking

Grandfather Clock Construction

(Made mostly from scrap wood)

Glass Pane


Screen Wall

Boeing Boeing | SUNY Oswego | November 2017

Construction of two identical “screen” walls.

Scenic Designers: Ola Kraszpulska and Megan Lee Twamley

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